Sentia announces the Passing of Founder, Professor Jean E. Rivier, at the age of 78

November 18, 2019

SAN DIEGO-Sentia announced today that Sentia Founder and pioneer, Professor Jean E. Rivier, Ph.D. has passed away peacefully at the age of 78.

After decades of attempts by numerous scientists around the world, Professor Rivier and colleagues were the first to finally isolate and characterize corticotropin releasing factor (CRF) an elusive hormone responsible for initiating and mediating the body’s responses to stress. Professor Rivier and colleagues further demonstrated that CRF and related peptides are responsible for many of the body’s behavioral, immune, cardiovascular, reproductive, metabolic and visceral responses to stress. Professor Rivier then optimized a series of potent inhibitors of the stress response called astressins that are exclusively licensed by Sentia for the treatment of stress-related disease.

In addition, Professor Rivier was also responsible for the discovery of numerous other peptides, eight of which are drugs used to treat and/or diagnose a variety of diseases such as prostate cancer, hypothalamic dwarfism, precocious puberty, neuroendocrine tumors, endometriosis and severe pain.

“The scientific community has lost a true legend, a gentleman of science and one of the greatest pioneers ever in the area of peptide chemistry and endocrinology. In his honor, Sentia is fully committed to executing Jean’s dream to move astressins forward for the treatment of stress-related diseases”, said Dominic Behan, CEO of Sentia Medical Sciences Inc.

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